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It’s really easy to judge people, isn’t it? I’m reading in The Spirit and Science of Holistic Health about judgment, and it’s reminding me the importance of not judging. Really. I mean, who are we to judge anyways? Especially in a health setting, it’s easy to say, “oh, well that person obviously doesn’t have healthy behaviors, no wonder they got sick.” But what is really “healthy” and who are we to judge? There are millions of reasons why people get sick, there is no way to pin point it, or put everyone in a box and think that a certain behavior or lifestyle is the cause.


There was a good example in the book. Imagine you are on public transportation, and there is a man with really rowdy children. They are yelling, pushing and shoving and it’s really bothering you. The father isn’t doing anything and finally out of frustration and spite you ask him what his problem is and why he can’t control his kids. It turns out they had just left the hospital where the mother had died. That changes everything doesn’t it? In that situation you would switch from anger to compassion and want to help him.

Many people want to just fix a problem instead of listening, when sometimes listening is the one thing someone truly needs. Next time you are talking to a friend or someone who is having a bad day, just listen, don’t judge, and don’t try to fix the problem. Just be there and truly listen. See what happens.


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