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An Experiment

I have been known to lean on the pessimistic side of things (or maybe I’m just realist? ;-)) and the more I keep on reading about how our attitudes and beliefs affect out health in a profound way, the more I want to change my thoughts and start looking at the glass and see it half full.


SO. For the past few months, every time I have a bad thought about myself, or another person, or I tell myself that I can’t do something, or I’m not good enough, etc, I replace that thought immediately with a positive thought. If I say “I can’t write this paper” I switch it around to, “I CAN write this paper”. And the funny this is, it’s starting to work! Of course I still have my bad days, but I have noticed that I am more aware of my thoughts, and sometimes before I’m about to say something bad about myself out loud, I catch myself, and either don’t say it, or just switch it around and say some positive.

Another thing I’m trying to do is remind myself what I’m grateful for. This helps me stay positive. Some things I’m grateful for at this moment:

My warm bed, my love, my pink mug, my family and friends, the view of the SF and the bay as I go through the tunnel, and cute mittens that I’m going to buy soon to keep my hands toasty warm.


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